Create Synthetic Ground Truth Document Images

A multi-platform and open-source software able to create synthetic image documents with ground truth

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When performance evaluation and training tasks become easier

  • 1
    Data Augmentation

    Add bleed-through, ink degradation, adaptive blur, holes and other defects on your document images and use them for performance evaluation or retraining

  • 2
    Synthetic document images

    Create virtually unlimited amounts of different ground-truthed synthetic document images based on a small number of real images.

  • 3
    Easy generation system

    Use the user interface or create your own C++ code to create synthetic data.


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Journet Nicholas, Visani Muriel, Mansencal Boris, Van-Cuong Kieu, Billy Antoine
DocCreator: A New Software for Creating Synthetic Ground-Truthed Document Images.
J. Imaging 2017, 3, 62.


Data Augmentation

Physical degradation due to ageing, storage conditions or poor quality of printing materials may be present on documents. DocCreator currently proposes seven degradation models : bleed-through, ink degradation, adaptive blur, holes, paper deformation, ...


Synthetic document images

With DocCreator create synthetic documents and corresponding XML ground truth that mimic real ones. Images created with DocCreator have already been used in many DIAR contexts: text/background/image pixel classification; staff removal; and handwritten character recognition. See the list of scientific publications where DocCreactor has been used.


Download DocCreator

Download database

Each database contains images and XML ground truth created with DocCreator. All the images and XML ground truth are copyright free.

William Shakespeare Sonnet

(6.000 images)


Jules Vernes

(25 images)



(23 images)



(11 images)