Hi. I'm Nicholas Journet .

I'm lecturer in Bordeaux (France)

I do my research in the computer science laboratory LaBRI

I'm member of GRCE

Want to read my publications? They are available on HAL

I teach C++, Web dev, Image processing in IUT of Bordeaux

contact me by mail : journet[?]labri.fr or by twitter [@]njournet

Here's all the research stuff I do.


Document Creator

Document-creator is a software to generate synthetic document images for retrainning or performance evaluation tasks



Improve your English skills using an eye tracker !

acid software


ACID is a free and open source desktop application to classify images databases.


Papyrus image classification

ERC GESHAEM : Using Deep metric learning to match papyrus fragments


Multimodal classification

Multimodal learning, deep learning, information retrieval, multimodal fusion,image classification, visual question answering

acid software

Inovasol project

Hierarchical and Multimodal Classification ofImages from Soil Remediation Reports.